Our Charging Solutions

ChargeBox provide your guests and visitors with a better customer experience through fast, convenient, safe and secure mobile device charging options.

A ChargeBox charging service is easy to install and provides:

Rapid and stress-free charging
Device safety and security fully guaranteed
User privacy ensured (fully GDPR compliant)
Integrated mobile device charging cables and/or wireless charging
Data capture and analysis including device type, charging performance and time/length of charge
Sponsorship opportunities through full vinyl wraps, decal placement and video content.

Lock and Leave

‘Lock and Leave’ solutions allow users to safely and securely leave their mobile phone to charge while they get on with their day. These locker units can be free-standing, wall mounted or integrated into a bespoke set up

Stay and Charge

Sometimes people want and need to charge their device while they're using it.

The 'Smart Lock' System
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Even in this digital age, a conventional lock and key approach are proven to be by far the simplest, safest and most secure option. With PIN systems, much more emphasis is placed on the user to secure their device. This creates ‘friction’, diminishes the customer experience and is prone to user error, fraud and theft.

Our patented Smart Lock system, developed over a decade of experience, uses unique, uncopyable keys that cannot be taken from locks until our system has detected a device has been connected and charging successfully. Only once this occurs can the user then lock and remove their key. This is by far the simplest, safest and most secure approach - simplicity is the ultimate sophistication


ChargeBox Aftercare, Maintenance and Support

For all of our charging solutions we provide first class aftercare, maintenance and support including access to reporting information so you can see the ROI on your investment.

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Who else is ChargeBox charging? 


Izzy Warburg, Gartner

I am delighted we have been able to have ChargeBox provide on-campus charging facilities for our students. The telemetries are excellent and we see high levels of usage as students recharge devices throughout the day. The team at ChargeBox have been a pleasure to work with and their products have enabled us to avoid expensive installation of power outlets in listed buildings around our estate.

King's College London

Nick Leake, CIO

and many more organisations ...


Plug in your device and lock. That's it.

The ChargeBox commitment to you


ChargeBox guarantees safety for both the device being charged and the charging process itself under the terms of our fully managed SLA.


ChargeBox guarantees against the theft of devices under the terms of our fully managed SLA.



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