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We charge phones to keep people connected and engaged.  

We are experts in free-to-use and secure charging solutions for Retail, Healthcare, Transport, Education and Events.

Why phone charging matters

Offering your customers and visitors the opportunity to charge mobile devices quickly, safely, and securely has become an essential service.

Mobile devices are a fundamental part of our daily lives. We can’t live without them.

They facilitate everything from communication to accessing critical apps, entertainment to travel, and increasingly, the ability to pay for goods and services.

When your phone battery is low or dead, not only does it make you anxious it will change your behaviour.

ChargeBox provides phone charging solutions to affect

behaviour positively - enhancing customer experience, driving footfall, and increasing spending.

Deliver measurable ROI for your business!

Increase Sales

ChargeBox is proven to increase: Dwell time by 2x, Average Spend by 1.33x

Delight People

Add real value to your environment with a service people want and need

Reduce Anxiety

Take away the anxiety people feel when their phone battery is low or flat and improve their overall satisfaction

Drive CRM

Collect valuable data, marketing opt-ins and facilitate app downloads

What our customers say ...

ChargeHub improves
our customer and brand experience and enables customers to stay connected. We are absolutely delighted with the results.


At John Lewis we've always been passionate about providing our customers with the very best service, and offering free phone charging in our stores is a great example of this.

John Lewis

It’s intuitive and reassuring for passengers to use… These are important considerations in an airport where customers can be stressed and the airport must avoid delayed take-offs.

Paris Aéroport

We are always looking at innovative solutions to enhance experiences and to ensure our guests are fully catered for throughout their visit at Bluewater. ChargeBox will provide an additional service and complement the concierge and click and collect elements also available, whilst providing connectivity for all


The ChargeBox’s at our Children’s ED have had nothing but positive feedback. They give people the opportunity to charge their phones whilst waiting to be seen.
This allows them to play games or watch entertainment which appears to be a huge distraction from the sometimes unavoidable Emergency Department waits. We can’t recommend it enough!

Birmingham Children's Hospital

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The ChargeBox Guarantee:

Our British designed and manufactured solutions are easy to install, easy to use and easy to manage through our smart, real-time monitoring system giving you:

Easy - the most intuitive services for end-users and venues
Fast - the fastest available public charging for all devices
Safe - device safety and security fully guaranteed*
Reliable - continuous remote management and fault detection
Future-proofed - the service evolves as technology changes
*Guaranteed device security applies to ChargeBox locker solutions only


Charging Solutions by Sector 

We specialise in free to use and secure mobile device charging solutions for Retail, Healthcare, Transport, Education and Events. On purchase or rental basis, we can provide stand-alone or integrated solutions.

Find out more about the solutions ChargeBox can provide for your sector:


Delight customers, increase basket-size and boost conversion rates in-store


Keep patients and visitors connected in times of need


Reduce anxiety and provide a secure charging solution for students and staff

Aeroplane Travel & Transport

Support mobile ticketing initiatives, app usage and live updates


Keep visitors charged and engaged at your event or venue

Aeroplane Corporate / Public Sector

Provide a charging service for staff, clients and other visitors

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